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HelpMyMUN is built by skilled Model UN professionals to inform, advise and inspire the next generation of MUN students and future leaders. HelpMyMUN helps you develop your personal MUN skills, train others, build thriving clubs, organize conferences and grow in the MUN direction that is right for you.

MUN Courses

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

HelpMyMUN provides courses, articles conference support for university and high school Model United Nations teams as well as individual delegates. HelpMyMUN provides training programs and materials for teachers and coaches.

Intro to MUN

From the Rules of Procedure to the basic components that make up Model UN, this is where to start your MUN journey.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is at the forefront of MUN communication. Learn Speech Writing, Nuance and Speech Strategy and methods of delivery.

Social Dynamics

How to work with others is critical both inside and outside of the committee. Learn about the people side of Model UN.


Chairs can make or ruin a Model UN experience. Learn how to run software, observe the room and give feedback to make a better experience for all.

Teaching MUN

Understand the mechanics of creating and maintaining strong MUN clubs, from drafting students to preparing a weekly class to preparing an effective travel team.


Learn where to look, what to focus on, how to write a position paper and how to organize it all in a way that best prepates you for MUN.


Learn how to write a clause and the science of UN legal documents as you prepare your resolution for editing, reordering, mergers and amendments.

MUN Fashion

Knowing what to wear is as important as what to bring and how to act. Learn the rules of the world around committee.


Learn how to think, plan and achieve your objectives. Discover the keys to MUN diplomatic efectivneess no matter the committee or conference.

Conference Management

Perfect every element of running a MUN conference from choosing a secretariat, committees and topics to marketing to planning the schedule and socials.

Easy As 1…2…3…

HelpMyMUN is a resource created by some of the most experienced Model UNers in the world for the MUN community. With the experience of over 500 conferences between the delegates, chairs, coaches, teachers and secretariat who contribute to this site HelpMyMUN strives to be the best online resource available to the global Model UN community.

Fundamental MUN Courses

Check out our articles on the core concepts that every MUN delegate needs to know. From the first speech to running a conference, everything you need to excel at Model UN.

Advanced MUN Courses

Take your MUN to the next level. Check out our special courses and workshops, designed to help you improve your skills and be a better delegate, chair, teacher or conference organizer.

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10 steps to prepare for your first MUN conference

10 Steps to prepare for your first MUN conference Your guide to MUN prep Many of you ask us, “How should I prepare for a MUN if it’s my first time?” Your first MUN conference can seem overwhelming. There are lots of things to read and research to do be done and you...

Meet the Team Behind TEIMUN 2018

  Not every Model UN conference gets to celebrate a substantial anniversary.  That is why reaching a 10 year anniversary it is a very special occasion. Some conferences even reach 20. However, there is only one university conference in Europe to pass 30, which is...

FWWMUN – An inside look at Future We Want Model UN

Future We Want Model United Nations (FWWMUN) took place at the United Nations headquarters, and some of the surrounding hotels, between the 9 – 11th of March. FWWMUN drew to New York 2574 delegates and staff members from 136 countries. 1500 of these delegates were...

Should We Pay For MUN Software?

MUN software has become a central part of almost every Model UN conference. The late 2010’s have become a time of unprecedented Model UN innovation. However, it seems to come with a price. Is this the future of Model UN?   As of March 2018, poplar chairing software...

MUN tips from a Speech Delivery Coach – Bill Brown

The session is beginning. Your turn has come. And you rise to speak – to introduce yourself and state your position.Are you just conveying preliminary information? Or is there more?In fact, you are setting the stage for all that will happen throughout the session.As...

United Nations Heroes Music Video

Who says there are no heroes in the United Nations? Not only does the UN have its heroes but some even have there own theme songs!Jan Egeland, former UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, is just such a hero!Model United...

Advanced MUN Courses

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