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About HelpMyMUN

HelpMyMUN is a resource by the Model UN community for the Model UN community. HelpMyMUN aspires to be the top resource for all content related to Model United Nations, excelling in it and making the most of the world around it.

Most people join Model UN for a variety of reasons.. Your reasons may be one of the following or something completely your own.

  • You wanted the chance to build your skills for your future career.
  • You wanted an extracurricular activity that looks great on your college admission paperwork.
  • Maybe, you joined because you thought it would be fun.
  • No matter your reason for joining, it's time to take this opportunity seriously and boost your MUN skills to the next level.

So you've joined MUN, now what?
Help My MUN is your go-to source for all of the skills that you need to accomplish your goals through Model UN. The different guides available are set up in an easily to follow format.

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