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United Nations Heroes Music Video

Who says there are no heroes in the United Nations? Not only does the UN have its heroes but some even have there own theme songs!Jan Egeland, former UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, is just such a hero!Model United Nations delegates rejoice and check out this video commending Jan Egeland’s heroic […]

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Model UN Style – MUN Style (Official Video)

Model UN Style is on of the top MUN videos on YouTube, a must see if you have ever done MUN. play

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MUN Points and Motions (video)

There are a wide verity of points and motions in MUN, here is a short video about the following points:Point of informationPoint of Order ​Point of Personal Privilege  After watching this video I would urge you to read our article that has more in-depth information and strategy’s how to use the MUN points and motions.

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