Model United Nations Guides & Classes

Looking for Model UN training ideas? Are you a training officer or teacher looking to build a Model UN program? Are you a Model UN Secretariat looking to educate your delegates and staff?

The MUN guides below can be used to help you:

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    Structure your Model UN courses and classes
  • check-square-o
    Educate your Delegates and Chairs how to effectively master their roles
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    Develop your personal Model UN skills and take them to the next level

The following guides are here to inform, advise and inspire. Here to help develop yourself, help you train others and build your ideal Model UN program.

Core Classes

Introduction to Model United Nations
How to Research
Rules of Procedure
Speech Writing for Model UN: The CIA Method
How to Build an Argument: SEXC Method
How to Effectively Represent your Country
How to Write a Position Paper
How to Write a Clause
How to Write a Resolution

Beginner MUN Classes (Optional)

Public Speaking for Model United Nations
The Basic Workings of the United Nations
How to Use Points and Motions
How to Prepare a Research Binder

Core Intermediate MUN Guides

How to Research Part II: Overcoming Vague Study Guides
Mastering Points of Information
​Amendments and Mastering the Endgame
Block Creation and Upkeep

Intermediate MUN Guides

Staying Diplomatically Relevant When Not on the Resolution
Public Speaking 102
How to Write a Resolution - Intermediate
Best Model UN Negotiation Strategies
How to Make Your Clauses More Important
Simulation Analysis - From Policy Statement to Final Vote (High School Rules)
Simulation Analysis - From Opening Statement to Final Vote (University Rules)
How to Win Best Delegate
How to Stand Out in a Giant Model UN Committee
Double Delegating in Model UN

General MUN Guides

Fashion at Model United Nations
How MUN Can Help You Get Into College
Top 10 Reasons to do Model UN
Preambulatory and Operative Clauses

MUN Conference Organization

How to Organize Your first Model UN conference

Chairing MUN Guides

How to Write a Study Guide
How to Chair Beginner and Advanced Delegates
How to Chair an Unmoderated Caucus
Judging and Scoring
How to Take Notes and Give Feedback

Crisis Guides

Introduction to MUN Crisis
How to be a Great Crisis Delegate

Crisis Directing

How to Plan a Crisis – The Story
How to Plan a Crisis – Characters and Character Relations

Committee Specific Classes

Executive Branch / Security Council
Legal Committees / ICJ and ICC
Other Unions – EU, AU, ECOWAS, etc.

Teachers Guides

How to Teach Model UN
How to Build Your High School MUN Program
How to Build a MUN Lesson Plan
How to Run a Model UN Club
How to Recruit Delegates for your Model UN Club
MUN Classroom Exercises
How to Build a Good Model UN Travel Team
Choosing the Right MUN Conference
How to Teach Model UN for High Schools

United Nations Classes

Quick Overview of the United Nations
Short History of the United Nations
Quick Overview of Continental Unions
The UN Charter: Rights and Responsibilities in Today’s World
From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals
Human Rights in Today’s World
A Deeper Look at the Case for Sovereignty

The articles above can be used to give a base to new Model United Nations participants, or as a base for creating Model UN classes and programs. While many Model United Nations syllabi exist, they usually have lists of assignments and grading metrics while the classes are a few words depicting the skill to be worked on that week. If you are looking to go beyond the basics, sometimes all it takes is a good name to get the creative juices flowing. Some of the articles commit to a clear skill, or piece of knowledge, at the end.

Think we should add more? Write us suggestions and send them here and we will update them!