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  • Educate Delegates & Chairs how to effectively master their roles
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Intermediate MUN Guides

Staying Diplomatically Relevant When Not on the Resolution

Public Speaking 102

How to Write a Resolution – Intermediate

Best Model UN Negotiation Strategies

How to Make Your Clauses More Important

Simulation Analysis – From Policy Statement to Final Vote (High School Rules)

Simulation Analysis – From Opening Statement to Final Vote (University Rules)

MUN Power Delegates and How to Deal With Them

How to Win Best Delegate in MUN Without Sponsoring a Resolution

How to Win Best Delegate

How to Stand Out in a Giant Model UN Committee

Double Delegating in Model UN

10 Courses

MUN Crisis Guides

Introduction to MUN Crisis

How to be a Great Crisis Delegate

How to Write a MUN Crisis Directive

How to Direct a MUN Crisis

4 Courses

Committee Specific Classes

Executive Branch / Security Council

Legal Committees / ICJ and ICC

Other Unions – EU, AU, ECOWAS, etc.

3 Courses

United Nations Classes

Quick Overview of the United Nations

Short History of the United Nations

Quick Overview of Continental Unions

The UN Charter: Rights and Responsibilities in Today’s World

From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals

Human Rights in Today’s World

A Deeper Look at the Case for Sovereignty

7 Courses

Free Courses

Check out our articles on the core concepts that every MUN delegate needs to know. From the first speech to running a conference, everything you need to excel at Model UN.

Premium Courses

Take your MUN to the next level. Check out our special courses and workshops, designed to help you improve your skills and be a better delegate, chair, teacher or conference organizer.

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Advanced MUN Courses

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